About Us

P&M Power Consulting is an independent consultancy and service provider offering engineering services on all technical and economic problems of planning and operating transmission and distribution networks, including generating plants and electrical consumers connected to the grid.

Our clients include – apart from regional and supra-regional power companies – grid operators for traction power supply, planners and operators of plants and grids for decentralised energy generation from wind, sun, and biomass, power plant operators, operators of industrial distribution networks as well as manufacturers of electrotechnical systems.

Our industrial clients are from the steel industry, chemical industry, automotive industry, engine construction, petrochemicals, mining, glass industry, ceramics industry, pulp and paper milling, printing industry, and textiles industry.

Our technical and scientific training, long-term practical experiences in the field of electrical power supply and our specialised knowledge make us a valuable and highly capable partner for our clients.

To help us provide the highest quality engineering services we make extensive use of measurement instrumentation and specialised software, such as the combined transient
recorder / Power Analyzer Dewetron Dewe 3020 as well as the network calculation software DIgSILENT PowerFactory.