Initiations, acceptance measurements

You would like to put a new electrotechnical facility, a consumer or a consumer group into operation and need an independent assessment of the grid conformity? We conduct on your behalf an independent acceptance measurement and assess the grid conformity of your facility. Within the scope of the acceptance measurements we determine and assess as standard the parameter values of the PowerQuality, i.e. the effective values of voltage, harmonics, interharmonics, flicker, asymmetries, … and, if required, further electric parameters such as power ratings, shift factors, and the transient current and voltage curves.

Our services not only include the execution and evaluation of acceptance measurements. We also plan for you a measuring programme tailored specifically for the particular consumer or his electrical operating behaviour, which takes into account the most critical statuses, and status changes with regard to circuit feedbacks.

The objective here is to provide a standards and regulations-compliant assessment of the circuit feedbacks and the loss of PowerQuality connected to them. The test results are contrasted with the planning or compatibility levels of the PowerQuality parameters and conclusions regarding the compliance with the parameters to be examined are drawn. If necessary, measures to obtain grid conformity are determined within the scope of additional grid calculations. Here we attach top priority, apart from to the technical result or function, to the economic viability.