Appraisal of grid-connection demands

You are a grid operator and receive an enquiry about the grid connection of a remote industrial consumer or a high-capacity renewable energy plant and you are not able to conduct a full and inclusive grid-connection check with the available devices or resources?

We will check for you the technical feasibility of the grid connection with regard to the following criteria:

  • capacity utilisation of equipment
  • voltage maintenance in the grid
  • short-circuit loading of equipment and plant
  • influencing of single-pole residual currents / neutral point treatment

The tests and studies involved are conducted on the basis of stationary, and when necessary, dynamic or transient grid calculations. If necessary the studies are accompanied by the measuring of electrical parameters, for example voltage harmonics, at the planned grid connection point.

The evaluation of the calculation results is made on the basis of the following regulations and guidelines:

  • DIN-VDE or IEC norms
  • technical rules on the assessment of system perturbations
  • guidelines on connection and parallel operation of power generation units at the EHV, HV, MV, and LV gridgrid-connection
  • rules or Grid Codes of the grid operators