Fault analysis and clarification

Your power network is often experiencing faults or failures in equipment, power generation or consumers’ plants, the causes of which have not been identified?

The resulting power-supply disruptions or disruptions of production processes may lead to substantial and damaging costs?

We will conduct a grid study for you tailored to the specific malfunction process and investigate the sources of the disruption. We will then recommend appropriate remedial action to avoid disruptions in future and, if required, draw up detailed specifications.

In order to conduct the necessary measurement analyses we have modern and powerful measuring instruments made by the firms Dr Haag and Dewetron at our disposal. The instruments allow both long-term measuring with triggered disturbance record as well as measurement of transients within the short-term range and facilitate a comprehensive analysis of your problem.

With the help of the grid calculation software DIgSILENT PowerFactory we are able to simulate faults in your grid on the basis of mathematical models and recommend appropriate remedial action. By means of variants calculations we identify your optimum technical and economic solution for the fault resolution.

If the installation of additional electrotechnical components for fault clearance should be required, we establish, if needed, contact between you and the suitable equipment suppliers and remain involved in an advisory way until the realisation of the required technical solution.