Measurement-based determination and assessment of residual ground fault current and the constituent parts of residual current

You are operating ground-fault neutralised grids? You would like to know the influence of the harmonics on the residual ground fault current and check the compliance with the residual current limit according to VDE 0228 as well as the compliance with the contact voltages according to VDE 0101?

We support you with the planning and conducting of residual fault current measuring, do the measured value recording of currents and voltages, and determine from the measurement data the following parameters of the grid or the residual ground fault current:

  • resonance and v-curve including their parameters
  • residual current factors:
    • active residual current and reactive residual current
    • harmonics residual current
    • single spectral parts of the harmonics residual current

Within the scope of the measurements tests the parameters

  • harmonic loads depending on day, week, or time of the year,
  • ground fault and
  • switching state

of the grid with regard to the influence on the residual ground fault current and its constituent parts are analysed. If the residual ground fault current limit is exceeded according to VDE 0228 or if there is a danger of infringing the permissible contact voltage according to VDE 0101, we identify measures to limit the residual ground fault current in order to guarantee a safe and reliable operation of the network.