PowerQuality Studies

Are converter or converter-fed customers supplied in your grid? Are there any critical resonances in your grid which degrade the PowerQuality? Do any unexplainable disruptions and interactions occur between the grid and the electrical consumers?

Within the framework of measuring we determine and evaluate to start with the current state of the PowerQuality in your grid by means of PQ parameters (rms-values, harmonics, interharmonic frequencies, flicker, unbalance, …). By simultaneous measuring in several grid levels and targeted parameterisation of measurement instrumentation we identify the causes of the poor PowerQuality.

On the basis of digital network calculation the current state is initially shown at model level. From there we use variant calculations to determine the measures that are needed to comply with the required compatibility levels or planning levels.

As and when required the network calculations are made in the frequency range or in the time domain (numerical solution of the state space differential equations). In the process the complexity of the models is being adjusted to the aims of the calculations in an optimal way. If required, also non-linearities, like for example the non-linear flow-current characteristics of the transformer-ferromagnetic circuits, and non-stationary loads, are included in the network calculations. Also the I&C-equipment of the converter-fed consumers and the dynamic compensation systems are, if necessary, taken into account in the network calculation.