Dimensioning and sizing of electrical equipment

We dimension all necessary electrical equipment for your planned new grid construction or grid extension. This includes cables or open wires, transformers and also reactive power, harmonic current, and flicker compensation systems. In addition we assess the requirement for overvoltage protection devices and, if necessary, specify the equipment needed. Both stationary and dynamic/transient grid calculations form the basis of the examination.

The dimensioning of cables is conducted on the basis of the existing installation conditions, taking into account the expected load factors and cable clustering. The permitted electric currents and wire-cross sections are determined with reference to the relevant national DIN VDE or international IEC norms. The dimensioning is effected on the basis of the power flow and short-circuit forces of the respective cable. Apart from the currents the voltage stability in the grid is considered.

When dimensioning the transformers, the rated voltages and rated power as well as the operating ranges of the tap changer with regard to each particular control aim needed (voltage control, active current control or reactive power control) are calculated.

As a result of the dimensioning of inductors, capacitors, and passive filters the layout parameters (rated power, rated voltage, quality, etc.) are specified. Where required the necessary tap changer ranges are identified. The dimensioning of controlled compensation systems on power electronic base (active filters, reactive power compensation systems) is always carried out with due consideration of the control behaviour of the power converter.