Feasibility studies and planning services on planned grid-expansion projects

You need to construct, upgrade, or extend a grid and you need to know the technical feasibility? You are a transmission system operator and responsible for the grid connection of offshore wind farms and must address the problem of long transmission routes access to an existing submarine cable?

We will conduct basic planning studies for grid construction and grid-expansion projects for you. These studies examine the technical feasibility of the project and the optimal technical and economic transmission technology, taking into account all necessary additional components (e.g. compensation systems, ducting pipes / ducting trenches, etc.) and the expected life span. If required, we undertake further planning tasks such as determining the wire cross-sections or dimensioning transformers and compensation systems.

The following transmission technologies are assessed:

  • overhead line
  • cable
  • gas insulated line (GIL)
  • direct current transmission (classic HVDC and self-commutated HVDC based on VSC)