Grid-code conform planning of renewable energy plants


We will assess the grid-code compliance of your renewable energy power generation plant with due consideration of the electrical properties, the installed generation units (wind turbine, PV inverter,…) and the electrical equipment of the connection system (cables, transformers,…) in terms of:

  • stationary reactive-power behaviour
  • grid reactions (harmonics, interharmonics, voltage changes, and flicker)
  • proper functioning of the grid protection systems and parameters

As and when necessary measures are proposed in order to ensure grid-code compliant functioning of the generation facility and the necessary electrotechnical planning services such as dimensioning of reactive power compensation units or harmonic filters are provided.

The latest up-to-date versions of SDLWindV, the BDEW guideline, and the Transmission Codes are referred to when assessing grid-code compliance.

Beyond that P&M Power Consulting can advice on clarifying specific questions of the grid connection and grid conformity with the responsible grid operator.