Grid optimisation and grid expansion planning

You are operating an energy supply system and want to minimise the losses occurring in your grid?

You are operating an energy supply system whose load distribution has markedly changed in the last few years because of a modified customer structure or in which decentralised feeders from renewable energies have increasingly been added?

We find out the current load- and loss-making situations of your grid by means of power transmission calculations or combined power transmission measuring and we draw up recommendations for an optimum mains operation or grid expansion. Grid extension measures comprise new installation of cables and transformers as well as reactive power compensation systems and FACTS elements for load flow management.

In the domain of urban and rural distribution networks the method of equipment-specific load modelling is employed. When modelling renewable energy plants the supply of active power into the grid and also the demands of their contribution to the generation of reactive power as a function of the grid connection level are considered.