Planning services and studies on offshore wind farms

You are planning an offshore wind farm and are looking for a contact for planning services connected with your project?

We support you with dimensioning of the equipment (cables, transformers, etc.) and conduct the verification of the electrical properties at the grid connection point. This includes, amongst others, surveys on the following topics:

  • stationary provision of reactive power
  • behaviour during voltage dips or system faults
  • behaviour during overfrequency or underfrequency
  • proof of compliance with the admissible system perturbations

In addition we also attend to the dimensioning of compensation systems for reactive power compensation and harmonic current compensation, for neutral point treatment, insulation coordination, and safety parameterisation.

We calculate and assess for you the grid resonances, carry out analyses on voltage quality and prepare operating concepts for normal and emergency standby operation. Furthermore P&M Power Consulting engage in dimensioning of emergency power systems and surveys on emergency standby operations. This comprises, amongst other things:

  • dimensioning of the necessary charging current compensation
  • surveys on active and reactive power household
  • studies on dynamic frequency and voltage stability
  • analyses on voltage quality (voltage changes, grid resonances, harmonics)

P&M Power Consulting looks back on longstanding experience in the fields of planning and proof of grid-code compliance of offshore wind farms. On the basis of our professional competence and extensive experiences on the core areas named above we are an acknowledged discussion partner of all involved parties, i.e. project developers, plant suppliers, wind-turbine manufacturers, and the responsible grid operators.

In cooperation with ALSTOM Grid we already conducted extensive studies on the following offshore wind farms:

  • Veja Mate
  • Global Tech IMeerwind Süd
  • MEG I