Planning services on linking high-demand consumers and consumer groups to the grid

You would like to provide electric power to a new high-demand consumer / a consumer group (e.g. industrial furnaces, power units), or your new factory, or a building / industrial premises?

We will determine the optimum technical and economic provision for you, taking into account the electrical load to be delivered and the location (ground profile, building density, existing switching substations, transformer stations, etc.). Furthermore we will draw up the basic specifications and, as and when required, the detailed planning for the electric supply network that needs to be established or extended.

In this context we offer you engineering services in the following and other areas:

  • voltage and network configuration
  • dimensioning of cables considering technical and economic aspects, based on an analysis of cable dimensions, taking into account capital costs over the expected life span
  • dimensioning of transformers including step ranges of the manipulated variable
  • definition of the neutral-point treatment of the grid
  • dimensioning of the neutral point impedance
  • compilation of the safety concept and identification of safety parameters
  • dimensioning of reactive power compensation systems and, as and when required, also dynamically-controlled systems on power-electronic basis (SVC, VSC compensator)