Research and Development

You would like to develop and install novel technical solutions such as electrical energy storage systems in order to ensure a safe and reliable grid operation?

You require specific stationary, dynamic, and/or transient calculation models of consumer facilities, suppliers, and power-electronic control elements, which correctly display the electrical performance within the framework of the grid calculation?

We will support you in the development of novel technical solutions in the following core areas:

  • mathematical description
  • development of basic functions / algorithms
  • measurement / dimensioning
  • combined technical and economic comparisons of variants
  • analysis of electrical properties at the network connection point
  • organising, conducting, and evaluating demonstration tests
  • documentation

We will develop specific calculation models of FACTS elements, consumers, or generation facilities (power stations, wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, electrical energy storage systems) for stationary, dynamic, and transient system investigations. The calculation models are usually drawn up in DIgSILENT PowerFactory and comprehensively documented so that they are transferable into the grid calculation software used by the client. If necessary your preferred software package may be used – subject to licensing clarification.